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We offer a robust suite of services for the individual, couple, family and more – if you have a need and it isn’t listed below, contact us and we will discuss what we can do to help you move onward and upward. We Are Certified and Ready to Bring You the Best We Can Offer.

We take our work seriously – but that doesn’t mean we can’t create an atmosphere focused on enjoying improvement and bettering ourselves. Our services and our mentality are combined in a unique way that makes ARP stand out from the rest.

Services for all of the Situations Life Throws at Us

Grief and Loss

Life Transition

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorders

Relationship Distress

Marriage / Family Counseling

Anxiety & Depression

Trauma / Abuse

Anger Management

Addictive Diseases

Court Ordered Evaluations

Help Before Going to Court

DUI and Drug Evaluations

ASAM Level One (short and long term)

Alcohol/drug classes

Sex Offender Intervention (for probationers/parolees)

Sexual Disorders Counseling

and more …

A.R.P. Counseling offers a fully certified Level 1 ASAM Treatment Group. Our regular Wednesday night group meets in historic Olde Town Conyers, at 970 Milstead Avenue NE, from 5:30 to 8:30. For information, contact Jim Morton, M.S., L.P.C., Georgia Certified ASAM Treatment Provider, @ (770) 860 8549.

Jim Morton, M.S., L.P.C. has been practicing in the greater Atlanta area for over 20 years. As an Certified ASAM Level One (short-term and long-term) treatment provider, Jim provides clinical supervision of all Alcohol and Drug treatment classes, approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services for reinstatement of driving privileges. Jim works closely with attorneys, probation officers and other court officials to ensure each client’s needs are met.